Consultancy Services

Right now many organisations are faced with the challenge of gaining competitive advantage while meeting the demands of fiscal austerity. For some, just surviving in a world of geo-political macro-economic change and continued European financial crisis is challenging enough. The core business of our management consultancy and advisory services is to help our clients to realise their strategic objectives by the effective management of change and the delivery of measurable benefits. Firmo Solutions Limited operates across a wide variety of services such as:

  • Business Strategy

  • Human Resources

  • Management Controls and Operations

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Reviewing and Implementing Commercial policies

  • Marketing survey and Sale strategies

  • Training and Support operational management and teams

  • Recruitment

  • Conduct periodic reviews

  • Prepare proposals for marketing compaigns and promotional activities

In order to assess the functions, objectives and requirements of the client’s and also to identify problems concerned with marketing strategies, reviewing and implementing commercial policies for clients and to launch and supervise market surveys for the client and their products and to produces reports and recommendations concerning marketing and sales strategies. We determine the appropriate method of data collection and research methodology, and analyses and interpret information gained and formulates recommendations and to evolve the procedures for implementations.We help your organisation to increase profitability by examine and analyse sales figures and prepares proposals for marketing campaigns and promotional activities , liaises with client’s managers/staff to determine the range of goods or services to be sold and advise commercial enterprises, organisations and other clients in the light of research findings and data collection and to give professional solutions, identifying new customers and current customers need to retain them and maximise the productivity of your work force through effective management with a system review. We train and support operational managers and teams to understand issues and recommend appropriate actions, manage the information and plans the strategies and makes a portfolio to help and accelerate the business and to develop plans and programs for change implementation in the organization. In addition we help to conduct periodic reviews and check to ensure that you are going on the track.